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How FUE Works For Hair Transplant?

As we know that hair transplant is the method of transferring the healthy hair from the donor area to the bald or recipient regions. The extraction of follicular units in this surgical hair restoration can be performed with various techniques and among all, the most common are FUE and FUT.

What is FUE?
FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is the most widely used technique of hair transplant surgery. In the FUE procedure, the removal of individual hair grafts takes place from the donor area one at a time and this is the major thing that differentiates this method from FUT hair transplantation and also makes it a painless, stitch-less and scar-less procedure.

In general, the back and sides of the patient’s head serve as the donor site because it is the hair loss resistant area in most of the cases. What if the patient does not have adequate hair follicles on the back of his scalp?
Here comes one more advantage of FUE hair transplant method. In FUT, the follicles are harvested from the back of the head in the form of a small strip, while FUE allows other body parts as well to serve as the donor areas in men, other than the scalp. These body parts can be beard, chest, arms, legs, thighs, etc.

How FUE Works For Hair Transplant?
      Shaving off your hair on the back of your scalp will take place as the initial step in FUE hair transplantation.

      Then the surgeon will extract the individual follicular units out of the scalp skin. There will be very small marks left from where each graft is harvested.

      Afterward, the tiny holes will be made in your bald/recipient area with a specific punching tool. The doctor will insert the removed follicles into these holes one by one.

      Finally, the surgical area of the patient will get covered with bandages or gauze. This area will get healed in 3-5 days.

In case you’ve got an average level of baldness and you don’t require a huge count of grafts, then you’ll need only one session for hair transplantation. You can contact Hair Doctors if you want to get appropriate density and natural looking hairline with FUE procedure.

What about the Recovery in FUE hair transplant?
FUE does not involve the method of harvesting the large areas of the scalp, like that in the FUT/Strip method. Because of harvesting the individual hair grafts one by one from the donor area, it is almost a stitch-less and scar-less procedure. There will be no linear scar on the back of the head after the procedure and thus, it takes less time for recovery.
The small puncture scars made in this procedure are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is minimal post-surgical pain or discomfort and the patient requires only 2-4 days of the rest period. Within the period of one month, the implanted hair follicles will shed away for once and afterward, they start growing naturally and permanently. To see the full hair density, you have to wait for 8-10 months, but you’ll start noticing the growth of follicles within 3-4 months.

Friday, May 17, 2019

All you need to know about Hair Transplant Surgery!

Most of us usually take our locks for granted and we do not bother much about our increasing hair fall until it goes beyond a certain extent. It is always beneficial to treat any of your medical problems at the early stages because later on, they can create complex issues for you.

The surgical procedure that is used o fill up the bald area with permanent hair is known as a hair transplant. Previous techniques of hair transplant were very expensive and they were not even fully successful. Over the passage of time, the advanced tools and techniques of surgical hair restoration have come into existence and now, you can check the successful results of hair transplant on the internet. You will not be able to identify between the original and transplanted hair follicles.
Currently, the most widely used hair transplant techniques include the following:

FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant 

·         It is a method of extracting a whole chunk of hair from the donor area in the form of a small strip.
·         In this method, the donor area can only be the back and the sides of the head.
·         It causes a linear scar at the donor area.
·         It is comparatively a low-cost treatment.    

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction 

·         It is a method of removing the individual hair grafts one by one from the donor area.
·         In this technique, the donor area can be the back of the head, chest, beard, arms, legs, etc.
·         It causes tiny dots at the donor area and they are generally invisible to the naked eye.
·         Though FUE is an efficient technique, but it is an expensive solution compared to the FUT method.      

The implantation procedure is identical in both the hair transplant methods i.e. FUT and FUE. In the process of graft implantation, the hair transplant surgeon places the graft in the bald area one by one, at the right angle, depth and direction.

  • Bio FUE - PRP Therapy after FUE Hair Transplant 
  • Bio FUE is a combination of FUE hair transplant and PRP therapy. In this process, hair transplantation is performed by the FUE method and afterward, PRP therapy is given to the patient. 

  • In the Bio-FUE method, your own blood is utilized to support development elements that help in faster hair development. 

  • PRP therapy utilized as a part of this hair transplantation enhances the nature of characteristic hairs or hairs that are non-transplanted. 

  • Additionally, the Bio-FUE hair transplant technique mends the injuries quicker. 

The Estimate Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery
The cost of hair transplant surgery depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The level of your baldness 
  • The number of hair grafts required for implantation 
  • The expertise and reputation of the surgeon 
  • The location of the clinic 
  • Donor area flexibility 
  • Number of sessions required
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Skin, Hair & Dermatology Services are now available in Ludhiana!

Skin, Hair & Dermatology Services are now available in Ludhiana!
 Ludhiana, Punjab is an industrial hub; though it gives employment to a huge count of people, it is also responsible for spreading pollution in the surroundings. Living in a polluted environment, especially in the industrial sectors, can give birth to a number of health problems which can put you in trouble. The major problems include hair loss, baldness, skin related issues, etc. Therefore, you can make an estimate that how important is to maintain your overall health.

What are the Medical Treatments available in Ludhiana?
Whether it is about skin care treatment, hair restoration procedures or cosmetic dermatology services, Ludhiana has every medical facility to offer to the people living here. Because of the affordable and reasonable cost, people from other locations also come to this city for getting their treatment done. We are not talking about Punjab only, but the patients from neighboring states have also benefited with the expertise of doctors in Ludhiana.

Skin & Dermatology Services in Ludhiana

With the superior quality of medical treatment in almost every field, Ludhiana has become now a significant option for people seeking affordable medical treatments. According to medical experts, the skin is an elastic organ, but only to a certain extent. A comprehensive range of state-of-the-art skin care diagnostics and treatments is offered by the department of dermatology. The skilled dermatologists in Ludhiana offer all types of general, cosmetic and surgical treatments for all age groups.

Search until you get the Best Option!

When you have an issue related to the skin, hair or nails, you always want a specialist who can offer you the high-quality treatment and help you look your best. Because it is related to your health and your body, thus there must not be any chances of compromising in the standards of medical services. Always look for the medical treatments provided by the highly qualified and professional doctors and a well-trained team, who can look after your comfort and care in the best way possible.

When it comes to your hair, your crowning glory, then choosing the most effective option becomes mandatory. Most of the people can’t imagine their life without hair. Oh! It’s so scary. Now think about those who are already suffering from this dreadful condition. If it is you, or you know someone who is facing baldness or excessive hair loss, then you can recommend Hair Doctors to them. It is by far the best clinic in Ludhiana, where you can treat all your hair related issues efficiently.

The hair restoration results provided by us are always safe and long-lasting. If you have any queries regarding any of the invasive or non-invasive hair loss treatments, then you can clear your doubts by contacting us or by visiting our clinic. We will be more than happy to answer your queries! So, Ladies and Gentlemen! Choose Hair Doctors and be a little obsessed with Your Healthy & Lustrous Hair!

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